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Dogma Game Studios is a group of passionate individuals forged together with the dream to produce games and entertainment. We communicate through our designs which are inspired from limitless imagination. Creating a solid foundation between the players through our storytelling and design.

Our Mission


We create an immersive storyline for the players to enjoy while having the challenge to solve every quests riddles and puzzles. We create in-depth quests where we want players to notice every clue, up to the nitty gritty details of the game.


By breaking the stereotypical image of character, gameplay, and environment—we can create a world where everything is out of the ordinary. Reimagining designs to generate a world full of surprises and producing a work environment where everybody’s voice is important.


We have a diverse culture of talented artists, designers, and storytellers who have the passion and skills to create games; whether they are a hobbyist, novice or experienced.

Lastly, we also want to have a fun and healthy game community to share and grow together.


We listen to our audience to improve the games that we’ve created, or we will create in the future.