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“The more senior position a person holds, the more power they shape the culture and climate of their org”


“Leaders are the ones who have the courage to go first and open a path for other to follow”


These two passages are from the book of “The 80 Minute MBA” by Richard Reeves and John Knell. They are two of his favourite quotes from this book and it became one of the principles he embrace in the company culture.


The answer to the question on why he created a game studio is to promote and showcase the skills of people who have the passion and drive to push themselves further. His name is Mc Gerard Lituanas or you can call him “Ged” and this his story.

He graduated from UST major in Industrial Design but after he graduate, he was still confused on what he wants to do with his life. He tried different kind of work starting from being a teacher in a school on where he graduated from Highschool. He taught a subject far from his usual forte which is product design. Next, he jumped from company to company finding his one true passion. He thought to himself that if ever he got an Art Director position he will be fully contented on his work and he will start to establish himself as a designer to the industry. For four years, he worked his way up but when he got hired as an Art Director, he still questioned himself on why he is not happy with life or in career. For years he asked the same question over and over and landed on one answer,he is still not working as a 3D modeler on a game or film industry.

He started to plan things out on how to break into the industry. He felt that he is way too late to pursue his passion, but didn’t give up. He resigned from his job, started to study 3D modelling of characters and it took him a year to somehow manage to create one 'OK' character. From then on, he created other character models for his personal portfolio and became confident enough to showcase his skills and apply in a game company, but he was wrong. Shot’s fired, as he is still lacking in other factors. He never thought that the skills required in creating characters is much more complexed compared to what he have just learned by himself. He talked himself out that he will not give up and decided to become more active on art community and joining art competition to polish my skills.

Failures after failures, he did not win any of those art competition and rejection from different game companies. He traveled to NZ to study Post Grad in Design researching about 3D character creation for triple A games. He learned a lot with just a year and this opened possibilities on how to break in the industry of gaming or film. He learned to tackle a different approach: that risk and sacrifice is involved if you really want to get in.

This time he wants to give opportunity to other artist/designer to get into game industry. This is one of the main reason on why he started a game studio, to give other artist/designer a fighting chance to work on what they love. He wants to create a diverse culture and become one of those leaders who will set an example to aspiring artist/designer that can shape the path and that failures will make us stronger. Just keep pushing forward and never stop pursuing on what you love and lastly, surround yourself with people who have the same goals and you will succeed, no artist is an island.