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Jugs joined the team because of his passion and hobby to create games and other computer graphics. He was referred by his close friend to participate.

His vision for the team and himself is to be able to create a game that is full of enjoyment and satisfaction to players around the globe. He wanted to create a game  since he was a kid and it has been a long-term dream to make one someday. In university, he immersed himself into graphics and game development.

In the future, he'd be interested in making 3D games, because he feels that it has its own universe and storyline. He personally prefer hack and slash games; however, he also likes to make a First-Person 3D Puzzle Game. It can be a horror, crime, or mystery. One more thing that interests him is medieval setting on a game, as well as mafia setting.

He has three core values as an artist/ designer:

  1. I treat every challenge as an experience and an opportunity to grow as a game developer/CG Engineer

  2. I believe that when you put your mind or focus on things you believe in, you can guarantee happiness and success.

  3. Give time on everything.

Lastly, he don’t expect much on this project. What is more important is to see that every team member enjoys, and cares enough to make our common goal come true. All of these inspires him, and keeps us all happy to be able to succeed in making this project a reality.