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She is Katya Camson Marquez and people call her Kat or simply Katya.  At a very young age, she already have this passion for arts. She always love to draw, paint and explore different medium in art. She is also into music and love playing guitar and violin in specific, it relaxes her mood and relieve stress. 


She also grew up watching cartoons and anime and of course, playing pc games like any other kids. From there, she realize what industry she wanted to be. Those aspirations never change, until she graduated Bachelor of Science in Animation at iAcademy.

Before she started working on her first job, she realize that animation can be used in a wide variety of industries, may it be in film, games, advertising etc. There are also a lot of medium to focus on.  But for her, she always wanted to explore many things to develop her skills.  That’s why she tried everything until she found out what she really love to do. As an artist, she focused on video editing, visual effects and compositing.  It amazes her how such vibrant movies and visual effects are made to make incredible stories come to life.  She also have this great interest for making concept art for characters and backgrounds which developed in her intern days in a gaming company.


Creating is her passion, something that we put a lot of imagination and artistic expression.  It is somewhere you want to take the audience, a world that is beyond the limits of reality. 

It excites her, because it is her first time to be officially part of a gaming company. It is refreshing for her and  hope to learn a lot from this experience and from the people she work with as a team.

“If there is something that you cannot stop dreaming about, pursue it, just do it! From there you’ll stop wondering.”