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Abiiro! It means "Greetings!" on my self-made language.


Nic Labayog is a Fine Arts undergrad from E.A.R.I.S.T. (Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology). He is someone who spends much time  writing that which he sees and imagine ,and also someone who loves playing video games. As a student, opportunities for learning advanced design, modeling, editing and animation and access to up-to-date interactive design softwares were scarce. The observed curriculum at that time was more traditional which is not bad and in truth, very essential at that time as we were being established as developing artists. But as technology progresses and new breakthroughs and implements are introduced at that very same time, we knew that the current curriculum would not be able to spear us through as we eventually soon discovered.

Gaming has always been one of his preset activities after a long day (or a couple of days) of accumulating stress from work, commute and even at home. The thrill of assuming player roles, discovering worlds and understanding the visions and creations of people who envisioned the game and brought these different realms to life. 


For a long time he has delved into many places and stories of heroes and villains who, in reality, portray hidden sides of personalities of those who made them. He put himself in their shoes through interactive gaming, knowing their truths and finding his own as he progress along the way. He do so in order to understand the journey so carefully woven within the storyline and the end it ultimately brings. In reality, it'd seem shallow and unimportant, but for those who share the same vision, who bear the same eyes, these interactive storytelling reflects the same journey in their own reality and in these journeys they hope to find their ultimate end, the fulfillment to their "Dreams"..; they who are called Dreamers such as I.


Game Development had long been his dream, a passion stuck on the ceiling. The desire to find new ways of expressing his ideas and sharing it to others and making them feel the way he did has become a personal goal. It started with him making stories and letting others read it. Then making illustrations, as he always done before, to show them how things in the stories were. Eventually, the stories added up; the titles stacked and the ideas broadened. One thing remained, he still have no tangible way of sharing such pieces.


When Ged came to him and presented his ideas and the manner in which he wanted to implement them, he saw a great opportunity and an even greater undertaking, he saw a person who mirrored every bit of my passion in a much more elaborate way. And, as he found him, they searched for more of those who share the desire to create and impart that very passion ever waiting and weighing in our hearts; and then, we became DOGMA.


He is part of DOGMA for reasons not so new; to be part of something greater, work with people who share the same vision, and grow with them and with the company and show and prove to people that even the smallest of desires, of ideas can still change people helping them to grow and develop into betterment for theirs and the society's good.


My Vision


My vision for each individual is growth, growth through learning and learning the right things the right way; that which is to be discovered during the journey. My vision for us as a single entity working together; success. For an artist or a group of artist, learning is crucial. The development of one's skill set and societal interaction has topped the ever-growing list of personal essentials.


Hurdles will indeed come, but with them are we made stronger. To decide against possibilities to reach a common good; to discover continually our own individualities and slowly and in synchrony making it a part of the core group's identity; to let our tests and trials bring about the strength of our bones; to allow our journey to become an inspiration to those of our demographic, to encourage them, drive them and point them in directions that compliment their own walks; to not just be able to exhibit skills and abilities or put to the pedestals our gifts but in eventuality, leave a legacy worth sharing; that is my vision. Well, one among them.


Learning and giving importance to the time-forged principles and foundations that guides the whole identity of Art as we know it is a necessity for every artist. It is from here that the gift they have is turned into a strong tool that they can use and develop over time. To learn of the old implements and up-to-date applications would ensure one from being left behind and his or her skills obsolete. But above all, learning that on top of all of these things, there are things that are deeper and more profound; Individuality, Humanity and Humility.


For myself, I dream of seeing me being in a position of capability; to help myself, my family, my friends and colleagues, and if given a good chance, other people; like them who aspired for the same things I did, and even not.


Once again, Abiiro, friends.