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The Mythical Order

Founded in 2017, Dogma Game Studios is built by people who have the passion and drive to create fun games for the players.

Our Vision is to expand to a diverse culture of talented artist/designers/ storytellers with the passion and skills to create games — whether they are hobbyist, novice or experienced.

Our Mission is to break free of the stereotypical image of people on game characters and other creature designs. We create an immersive story line for the players to enjoy while having the challenge to solve every quest, riddle, and puzzle.

Abiiro! It means "Greetings!" on my self-made language.


Nic Labayog is a Fine Arts undergrad from E.A.R.I.S.T. (Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology). I am someone who spends much time  writing that which I see and imagine ,and also someone who loves playing video games. As a student, opportunities for learning advanced design, modeling, editing and animation and access to up-to-date interactive design softwares were scarce. The observed curriculum at that time was more traditional which is not bad and in truth, very essential at that time as we were being established as developing artists. But as technology progresses and new breakthroughs and implements are introduced at that very same time, we knew that the current curriculum would not be able to spear us through as we eventually soon discovered.

Jugs joined the team because of his passion and hobby of creating games and other computer graphic design projects. He was referred by his close friend to participate as a member of this team to improve his skills and earn a lot of experience.

His vision for the team and himself is to be able to create a game that is full of enjoyment and satisfaction for players around the globe. He wanted to create a game since he was a kid, it has been a long-term dream for him. In university, he immersed himself into graphics and game development.

Jugs has three core values as an artist/ designer:

  1. I treat every challenge as an experience and an opportunity to grow as a game developer/CG Engineer

  2. I believe that when you put your mind or focus on things you believe in, you can guarantee happiness and success.

  3. Give enough time for everything.

From a very young age, she always had the passion for  arts.  She loved to draw, paint and explore different mediums to express herself.  She is also into music and she thinks it is natural that art and music go hand in hand.  She loves playing guitar and violin in specific, it relaxes her mood and relieves stress.  Those interests never changed when she graduated from iAcademy with a Bachelor of Science in Animation.

As an artist Kat focuses on video editing, visual effects and compositing.  She also has a great interest for making concept art for characters and backgrounds which Kat developed in her intern days at a gaming company.

He is Gerald, people call him…'Chewski'. He has a degree in Computer Science Major in Computer Graphics and Visualization, and his forte is 3D Modeling and 3D Animation.


He joined Dogma Game Studios because he always wanted to create a game since he started learning 3D.

 His motivations for this project are as follows:

1.)  Personal satisfaction to see that people would enjoy the game that the team has created.

2.) He is able to do the thing that he loves, which also showcases his skills.

3.) This game can get him on the map in the Game Development Industry.

Raven has a degree in Politics from DLSU-Manila.  He joined the team to be able to showcase his skills in storytelling and community management.  His core values as an artist/ community manager is to respect diversity, so that the best can be brought out in each person by valuing the strength of each individual; so that the team can encourage collaboration and shared leadership in order to develop positive relationships, and forge partnerships with individuals, and organisations we create the game for.

Raven wants to create games because it stretches his abilities as a writer and because Dogma is a start-up, this gives them a unique opportunity to utilise not only the skills of the team, but also the gaming community by paying attention to ideas of our future patrons. He can also utilise his skills as a disruptor by challenging traditional storytelling gameplay environment.

Gerard (aka Ged), one of the founding members of Dogma Game Studios.  He graduated from UST with a Major in Industrial Design and studied Post Grad Design at Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin. His love for art and games has driven him to bring together a wonderful and crazy group of people who are in love in with making games. Ged wanted to prove that a diverse group of artists and designers who are just starting up with their career can accomplish and compete internationally. We also want to break those stereotypical designs for characters and creatures (especially the image of female characters in games). With this idea, everybody’s voice will be heard and will have an impact in creating a game.

"Dedication and Commitment are part of the solution to Success!!!"