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Our Pact, Our Culture

  • We aim for the highest quality of labor and be open-minded for suggestions and potential growth.

  •  We aim to make games and entertainment that foster mindset that allows creativity to grow.

  •  We embrace our weaknesses to gain strength.

  •  We have fun while working.

  •  We have the freedom to express ideas.

  •  We value each other’s opinions.

  • We have flexible working hours but must be able to meet tight deadlines.

  •  We do not overthink, because simplicity is the key to brilliance (or simplicity is beauty).

  •  Communication within and outside the team is the key.

  •  Be proactive.

  •  We encourage people to push boundaries, to not be afraid to explore new ideas, and think outside of the box.

  •  We look after each other


We are Dogma, this is our pact, and this is our life’s work!

Join the Order

We are a group of self-starters aiming to showcase skills of diverse individuals who have the right attitude, great personality, and have the drive to push further in their career.


Currently, we have in our team talented artists, designers, and storytellers who are in the mission to rock the world with mind-blowing games and entertainment. If this sounds like you, then HU_U (Hit Us Up)

High Council Openings

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