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Artwork by: Ged Lituanas

Referrence photo used was the "Ultimate Spiderman's Artwork by Mark Bagley

Hi guys, I want to share with you my creative process on digital painting. This is the result of a month of practice on 2D art and I have established basic knowledge thru the years of practice and making 3D character models. This is my first decent work in my weeks of practice but I'm still a beginner because I am a 3D modeler from the start and this my first time in pursuing my passion in game art.

Now let’s move on to the simple steps that I have come up with and take note that I am using Photoshop and a pen tablet.

First step is to always gather ref photos of what you want to create. This step might be useful or not depending on what kind of approach an artist/design in making a concept. We all have different method on what will work on our design pipeline.

My reference photo for this concept of carnage is the art of Mark Bagley’s Ultimate Spiderman artwork. Credits to Mark Bagley’s Spiderman pose. Other images that I gathered are just for referencing the texture and colors of carnage.

It is always important to credit an artist/designer if you make an artwork based on his/her works to give respect.

Second step is sketching the pose of the character and creating solid line art (Fig.01). In this stage, it is important to be conscious of the anatomy and form. As early on this stage, we must keep in mind where to put our light source and as for me, I have a really good reference photo.

Fig. 01

Third Step is to create the base color first of the character and the shadow. Base color are just flat colors and as for the shadow, you can play with the blending options on Photoshop to adjust the intensity to your liking.(Fig.02).

Fig. 02

Fourth step is I established the background to give contrast to the character and to play with colors on what will work or not on my character. I added some secondary shadow to create more depth to the muscles and in contrast with the background color that I've chosen(Fig.03).

Fig. 03

Fifth step is to create details. That part is where you want to direct the eyes of your audience or we can say, the focal point. I want to highlight the face of carnage because there are many interesting forms happening in that area. It is like a really beautiful rose at the center of the garden. Everything is green and have little flowers that will complement each other to direct and guide you to the rose (Fig.04).

The final part is to pop up those colors by using color dodge or other blending options in Photoshop. Don’t be afraid to add other details on the background to make your piece interesting. I added a tongue to carnage to create a personality to my piece (Fig.05).


I can say that as a beginner, I am happy with the result but I am still lacking on creating good composition.

Fig. 04

Fig. 05

Hope you guys enjoy it and stay tuned for more tips and other articles every month! Cheers!