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  • Raven Garcia

Dogma Arrow Logo Explanation

Written by: Nic Labayog

Edited by: Raven G

DOGMA: Dot and the Double Arrows

As a start-up in Game Development, we can openly say that we are yet to be called knowledgeable in this field we've come to endeavor into, but through this we can also learn anew and that which we learn we can add to our person; that, in turn, we can also add to others if given the opportunity. Skills and knowledge aside, we now strive and work on one more aspect as to build to the goodness and the continual betterment of ourselves, as individuals and as a group; Culture.

The Arrow logo can also be translated to letter “A” that signifies the FIRST, PRIME, the ALPHA. In a similar sense; LEAD. It is not replaced by a symbol, although in the literal sense it was rather represented by a symbol to convey the most important aspects of the culture we are striving to build an “A Team”.

We, those belonging to the core group of DOGMA Game Studios, believe that to properly learn how to lead, one must have the tenacity to listen; and listen meaning to consider the essentials of the conversation, the designs and the implications that would eventually come up before, during and after processes. Through respect we employ good camaraderie and through respect we continually come to understand the weight in skills and experiences each of the core members carry in their plate.

The Dot and the Double Arrows

A gamer, if already determined to take on and finish a quest in an RPG or a role-playing game, commonly starts strong and if possible, in wise haste. This determined motion normally starts with a game character being in stasis and consecutively being in motion; from idle to walking. In some cases, if the game would allow, the player can make the character go faster by executing a game motion known as a dash and/or a sprint. Although the sprint is now executed by holding a key while moving forward, there were games that implemented the double tap to initiate the motion. We chose the latter analogy because it best fits or describe on how we want to do things; in wise haste.

The Dot represents a point of origin or commencement from where we began this journey. The Double Arrows signify the direction and resolve we aim and serve ourselves.

Our point of origin is our ideas; to be able to see the world only a few understands, our collaboration; the ups, downs and rewards of working with those with the same passion and our passion; to put into motion those that we see in our imagination.The Double Arrows symbolize not just the destination we so long to reach, but also for the journey we, as a group, will continually take to keep on learning and learning the right way. We believe that good builders know first the cost of their venture and though costly, we will continue to move forward, and give it all so we can go thru and break barriers along the way. Our resolve is to finish what was started until what was started is done and done.

The DOGMA crest also acts as representation of a pine tree. The Dot for the seed, ground, roots and trunk, and the Double Arrows for the branches, leaves and fruits. A good seed needs a good soil, and a strong trunk needs a good set of roots that flourish just as good skills need a good hand to execute it, and good values to build a good personality and a good organization. A nourished leaf needs a well-nourished branch and a nourished branch flourish with fruits just as an organization must rest on a strong foundation that all vessels will flourish and be fruitful.

A person and an organization are like pine trees, they both have seed that need a good place to grow and roots that determine the foundation. The trunk represents the many aspects that nurture the branches and the leaves which is growth and development, and the fruits represent the handiwork and the mastery behind them that is enjoyed by others or serve as a new beginning for some. Also, the pine cone opens in a Fibonacci sequence, a good reminder that nature is made by design— therefore, nature is design and design is nature.